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Meditation as a Stress Reliever

October 24th, 2012 • Posted by Nancy Wogan • Permalink

When you look up the word Meditation, you will become confused quickly.

Meditation derived from Latin 'meditatio' means to think, contemplate, to ponder. The Tibetan word means concentration, compassion, humility. From the Sanskrit root it means to contemplate. So are we to think or not to think? Here I thought we were supposed to clear our minds and not think at all.

I guess in the general term meditation, we are trying to go beyond the thinking mind getting into a deeper more relaxed state.

Using meditation as a stress reliever, achieving serenity, tranquillity and getting more clear minded is most in tune with Buddhist meditation and has become increasingly popular in the world, with many non-Buddhists.

>As stated by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a U.S. government entity within the National Institutes of Health that advocates various forms of Alternative Medicine. "Meditation may be practiced for many reasons, such as to increase calmness and physical relaxation, to improve psychological balance, to cope with illness, or to enhance overall health and well-being."

Still, how to meditate? Is it hard and difficult to do, this not thinking? How can you sit still and do nothing.? How to stop those constant thoughts from coming?

At an event with a Health Coach recently, where besides talking about eating healthy we also discussed meditation, she told us not to stress about thoughts that keep invading your mind when you are trying so very hard to keep it clear. In that case meditation could actually be stressful.

I remember one teacher back in school telling me to tie balloons onto my thoughts and to let them float away. This just did not work for me, as they kept floating back in my peripheral vision. Another teacher spoke about locking your thoughts in a box with a key. I actually envisioned a beautiful pirate's treasure chest with large colorful stones glues to the top and surrounded this with big silver shiny chains and a hefty lock. Every time a thought came up, I would tell it 'go in the chest, I will get back to you later". This actually worked very well for me and I shared this with many. However it was still a negative action. A thought came up and was locked in the chest.

The Health Coach however, approached it differently. She suggested to associate your invading thoughts with something sweet, something cuddly, something like a box of kittens. Who does not love cute little kittens? You just have to pick one up, bring it up to you face, cuddle before you put it back in the open box. Your thoughts are like kittens she told us. They keep popping up, vying for your attention, until you've acknowledge them and pet them on the head. Since then I have picked up these little kittens, smiled at them and told them 'now get back in your box, I will get to you later". All the while smiling! Because it was a sweet positive action (in my mind) I could easily let go and get back to my meditation and not be bothered by the thought again. So try to take this example or make your own vision of something positive and I can assure you meditation is not hard, it is not difficult, it just needs a little practice, but anyone can do it!

On another note, you can do meditation anywhere you can find a quiet spot for you to sit, lie down or walk. You don't have to sit cross-legged with your thumb and fingers pinched together.

There are many other forms of meditation. Meditation where one concentrates on the breath, is practiced with a Zen or Tibetan background.

The Mantra meditation, a continuous chanting or focus on an object as a way of clearing the mind became popular around 1970 as part of the New Age meditation.

Martial art like Tai Chi Ch'uan has also been thought of as a moving meditation.

Guided meditation or guided imagery uses images or places that you feel are relaxing. You might come up with the images by yourself or you may be guided or talked through this by a teacher or guide.

Mindfulness meditation is based on increasing conscious awareness and living in the 'now'.

I personally enjoy Tai Chi as it makes me having to concentrate on the slow moves, therefore leaving no room for any thought from the 'outside' world. I also like guided meditation where someone with a very pleasant voice is talking me through a walk through a field. Here I use my own images to complete the picture that the voice is describing for me. Another need for total focus, so no invading thoughts possible. Then again, just sitting next to my big pond filled with salamanders and frogs, makes me feel peaceful by itself and meditation comes easily there too. If thoughts try to invade I will just think of the lovely box filled with kittens, pet them and tell them I will see them later. I just hope my own cat Rainbow won't get jealous:)


>The Huffington Post has an interesting article that compares the mind to the platform of a train station where different trains of thought pull through. The article is called "Buddhist meditation, catching the right thought train". We have for example Jealousy trains and Generosity trains and the Buddhist meditation practice involves developing a deep understanding of what leads toward peace and happiness and what does not. We can learn to get on the thought trains that are helpful and skip the ones that are not. Through this practice you will become more effective in whatever you are trying to do in your life. (read the whole article)

>The mayo clinic agrees that meditation can help with stress management and published the following article: Meditation, a simple, fast way to reduce stress


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Workshops and Classes at the Spa!

June 2nd, 2012 • Posted by Nancy Wogan • Permalink

Workshops and Classes at the Spa!


Willamette Wellness Spa is a peaceful Wellness Sanctuary for Women.

We offer massage, foot reflexology, Lymph therapy, Cranialsacral therapy, spa treatments, skin care and a lot more.


We think we also have the perfect setting for the following workshops:


July 12th: Your Life in Balance: Body, Mind and Art!

A full-day Interactive Life Story Workshop.

Memoir writing through a hands-on art project combined with wellness treatments like Reflexology or Lymph therapy



September 10th: Holiday Parties & Potlucks Oh My!

A 2 ˝ hours Fun and Nutritional Cooking Class.

Giving you a healthy alternative to the same old, same old.

By Jenna Alexander, Certified Nutrition Educator



November 5th: Eat Delicious Food and Lose Weight!

A 2 ˝ hours Fun and Nutritional Cooking Class.

Giving you a healthy alternative to diets that don’t work.

By Jenna Alexander, Certified Nutrition Educator


Are you interested?


Sign up to receive more information or call Nancy (503) 913-6168

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Win Amazing Spa Package from Willamette Wellness Spa

May 1st, 2012 • Posted by Nancy Wogan • Permalink

Pampering package for one Special Woman.

This wonderful Pampering Package was created just for you! To celebrate our clients and clients to be. Anyone can enter for a chance to win.



Enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea with a relaxing foot soak infused with essential oils.

A rejuvenating foot reflexology session will follow to return your body back to balance .

To complete your spa package you will receive a refreshing and uplifting facial that will make you smile all day long. A perfect gift for a very special woman!

(80 minutes)

Also included in this pampering package are


Servello Body Lotion

and if that is not enough...


a One night stay with Breakfast for Two at the Holiday Inn Portland South Hotel & Convention Center in Wilsonville will definitely make this complete!

(Total value of package is $275)

Rules: go to our Facebook page, if you are not Liking us yet, do so now! Then post something on Facebook to finish this sentence: I would like to win this amazing Pampering Package because....

One entry per person! Deadline is May 12th.

The random chosen winner will be announced May 13th on Mother's Day on Facebook, so keep checking. We will also announce the winner in our next newsletter after the 13th.

Anyone can enter, so spread the word among your friends, share on Facebook, because this package is awesome and won't be offered again.

Note: Direct family members and affiliates of Willamette Wellness are excluded from entry. Winner will be chosen through Random.org Winner needs to contact Willamette Wellness to receive the package.

Good Luck!

Willamette Wellness Spa
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